Dean Bailey


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Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 185 lb
Eye Color: Blond
Hair Color: Blue
Waist: 35 "
Inseam: 33 "
Shoe Size: 10
Hat Size: 7.25
Shirt Size: 33/34
Glove Size: Large
Coat / Dress: 46L

Dean Bailey is a master of machines. He has expertly operated riding lawn mowers to eighteen wheel semi-trucks and everything in between. His vast experience in mechanical fabrication has produced state of the art, high speed camera cars as well as the most successful camera platforms working today.

Dean’s on camera driving performances cover a wide range of projects that include commercials, television, feature films and music videos.

IMDb Credits
Performance Film Works

Contact Info:

Cell: (310) 721-4812

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