Shelly Ward


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Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 210 lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Waist: 36 "
Inseam: 32 "
Shoe Size: 11
Hat Size:
Shirt Size: 17 X 33
Glove Size: Extra Large
Coat / Dress: 44 R

Shelly Ward has been in the entertainment industry since the age of 14 and a Screen Actors Guild Card carrying member for over 38 years. He holds numerous competition licenses, including NASCAR and SCCA as well as having performed as a stunt/performance driver in over 25 feature films and more than 1000 commercials.

As the owner and director of Shelly Ward Enterprises, Shelly is fluent in the understanding of what drives the entertainment business and this has made him a trusted resource for production companies, auto manufacturers and advertising agencies.

Contact Info:

Cell: (805) 358-5784

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